Erotic Lingerie -Story

Erotic Lingerie - Story
Chapter 1 to 5

Chapter 1
"I've got a present for you" he said.
"Oooo, lovely" Sammi replied sitting up in bed, the sheet falling away from her revealing her small, pert breasts.
"You'll have to get out of bed then" Tom said.
Sammi clambered out watching Tom do the same; his erection was now gone she noticed.
"Stand there then" he said pointing to the end of the bed in front of the tall 'loft mirror.
She did. He looked at her. She looked good. Blonde and blue eyed, she was slimly built, but nicely rounded in all the right places. They had just had an hour or so of good sex, which had become the norm during their short affair.
"What is it?" Sammi asked.
He hadn't made a habit of buying her presents, not that she wanted them for they made her feel a bit like a hooker. It was like that when a twenty seven year old girl has a fling with a married man in his fifties; but something now and then was nice.
"You'll see, close your eyes. No hang on" he said going into the bathroom. "Turn round, let me put this on" Tom said, holding up a thin towel.
"Now now, no sensory deprivation," Sammi said smiling.
"Not at all, but let me loop it round, stop you peeping."
She half didn't believe him and wondered if he was going to try to tie her up? She wondered even more at what her reaction might be? She had never been tied up, restrained or even blindfolded, but for some unknown reason she had a strong curiosity about such practices.
Tom tied the thin towel loosely round her eyes and he too thought about maybe taking things further. He even felt a slight twitch in his cock at the vision of the naked Sammi on the bed, her arms tied above her head, her ankles tied to the end of the bed, her, long slim legs wide open. He stored that idea for later wondering whether the Ciallis would hold out and get him hard again quickly. That was the problem when a heavy drinking, middle aged man has an affair with a young woman.
Sammi heard some rustling wondering like hell what was going on and what the present could be. She felt that he was close to her, just behind her.
"Hold your arms above your head please Sammi?" He asked, loving the view of her small tits being stretched as she did as he asked.
She felt something being wrapped round her then worked out that it was a waspie or a basque or something. Tom was behind her holding the opened edges. He moved around her and she felt him pulling the edges together.
'It must have hooks and eyes' she thought, amending that to include. 'Some Velcro' when she heard that familiar sound.
Tom had never done such a thing before and certainly had no experience of doing up hooks and eyes; he had undone some, but never the other way.
"Shall I help?" Sammi asked, laughing a little as she added. "Women are trained to do things without looking; we'd never get our bras off otherwise."
They got the first few done up quite easily, but as they moved downwards toward her waist, it was more of a struggle.
"You hold the sides together and I'll do them up" Tom suggested. They did that and, after considerable struggle and Sammi breathing in a lot, they were done up.
"Can I take this off now?" she asked.
"No, not yet" Tom replied. "There's more."
He left her for a moment and Sammi ran her hands over the garment. It was silky and lacy and had suspenders. 'Obviously getting a bra, panties or stockings' she conjectured, feeling surprisingly interested and tingly as she stood there in the middle of the room clad in just a basque and blindfold. She wasn't too sure what was the major turn on, the lingerie or him dressing her or, was it the feeling she got from the basque? God it was tight! She felt severely restricted.
"That looks fantastic," Tom said from close by, having padded barefoot back to her. "And with these on you'll look even more fantastic". With a little help from her they got her legs into a pair of stockings, which she felt were seemed at the back.
He got the front suspenders clipped ok, but was struggling with the ones that ran over her hips. He was standing behind her fumbling with something new to him, doing up the clasp of a suspender, when she felt his cock brush against her bare back. It was nearly hard and that was unusual. Tom had so far been a 'one-time a session' guy. Sure they would make love, well have sex, for their attraction to each other stopped at liking and fancying, for ages, sometimes two or three hours. They would do oral on each other, which always made Sammi cum, but not him. She was careful there, for with a 'one-time guy' having cum all over your face or tits seemed such a waste. He would also make her cum with his fingers, so she might have four or five orgasms before they had full sex. During that time, Tom would gain and lose his erection several times. So far, they had always managed to get it back, but Sammi worried that sometime they might not and she would end up 'unfucked.' 'Just a typical problem of having an affair with someone well old enough to be your father, she thought smiling and wondering just what is was that made older men so much more appealing to her?
It was a very pleasant surprise to feel his hardening maleness against her bum.
"Mmmm, that felt nice" she said, adding. "Where's that come from?
As an answer, he whipped the blindfold away.
"This" was all he said.
Tom had positioned Sammi in front of a mirror so she could see what he meant.
Despite the colouring of the basque being 'typical mistress' as Cosmo always called blue or crimson and black, it was a sexy looking job with the blue silk setting off the black lace and trimmings to perfection. It covered her boobs and pushed them up giving her a cleavage that was far more generous than her thirty three b cup boobs usually warranted. The lower hem circumvented her tummy about midway between her navel and the top of her neatly trimmed brown pubes. The black suspenders strained down her thighs holding up a pair of very long, black, slightly old-fashioned, but nevertheless quite raunchy-looking and, as she had guessed, seemed nylons with lacy tops.
Overall, she was pleased with the effect. The main feeling it gave her was one of extreme femininity, she had never felt quite so much a woman, she thought, not really understanding quite what that meant.
Her figure was transformed by it. Whereas, usually, her curves, she felt, were as minimal as is expected from a 33b 26 35 figure and, like many 'English roses,' she was a little pear-shaped, the lower centre of gravity having helped her with her tennis when younger when briefly she broke into the top one hundred in the UK, now it was all so different.
Her small breasts were pushed up and supported, making them look the C or more cup she had always yearned for. Her waist was pulled in so it was probably less than twenty-three inches, she calculated. And her hips, which mostly, she felt, looked very young girly and not at all sexy, now looked amazing. They flared out from her reduced waist in curves either side that made her look so grown up and very womanly.
"See Sammi" Tom said standing behind her. "You look absolutely fucking amazing, like it?"
Feeling her nipples hardening, she went to reply, but he jumped in. Tom slid his hand round her and took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger.
"I can see you do."
"It's incredible just what effect clothing can have isn't it Sammi?"
"Mmmm, yes it is," Sammi replied involuntarily running her hands up and down the silky material as he moved out from behind her, he was fully erect she noted.
"You can see what they do to me, can't you?"
"Yes I can Tom," Sammi replied reaching out for her lover's cock.
Chapter 2
In many ways, Sammi Cannock was a normal working girl. About average looking with an averagely attractive body, averagely coloured, blonde hair that she kept averagely short, easier to wash and look after, she had an average shaped body, but better than average legs and bum. 'My best features' she always felt.
A confirmed 'bachelor girl' as she termed herself, in preference to spinster as her mum called her, she was a Regional Sales Manager for a national chain of health clubs. Her region being East and North London and then all the counties to the right of a line drawn from Oxford Circus to Hull in Southern Yorkshire, meant she travelled a lot. Sammi lived in Essex just outside London to the East so, getting around was easy, just up the M11 onto the M25 to find the most amazing traffic jams. It was nothing for her to leave home at four thirty in the morning to get to a meeting to miss the M25 hassle.
In other ways she was, though, not quite so average or 'normal.'
She was extremely ambitious and was highly thought of by her bosses, the four hundred sales staff and tennis, fitness and swimming coaches who reported to her through the twenty club managers on her patch. She knew she was being groomed for National Sales Manager, which was likely to become vacant in a year or so and most of her thoughts and focus were on making sure she got that promotion.
She had graduated from Loughborough with a first class honours degree in Sports Management. She had complimented that with an MBA from Cranfield. The combination had been the persuasive factor that got her the job with the leading health club company in Europe, she was on her way!
Sammi was a sporty girl. That was not just in her attitude towards sex, but also towards sports. In her teens, she had been a very promising tennis player, representing her county from the age of fifteen and briefly breaking into the top one hundred in the country in her late teens. She still played occasionally, but was now, more into golf, much more useful in business, where she had reduced her handicap down to fifteen in the five years or so she had been playing.
For as long as she could remember, Sammi had showed little interest in steady boyfriends or settling down and she felt that maternal instincts had passed her by. As most of her school and uni friends got married, Sammi really was 'often the bridesmaid, never the bride.' It didn't bother her, she didn't want children and she certainly didn't want to be emotionally, sexually or in any other way dependent upon a man.
In many ways, however, it was her views and attitudes on sex, which set her apart from the norm. With those, she was very much not average or normal.
Sammi was not lesbian. She didn't really even consider herself to be bi-sexual, although ever since her tennis days she had 'dabbled' with girls. She had controversial and very individual opinions on sexuality. In her mind everyone, if they had not been conditioned by social conventions largely influenced by religion, would go with someone of their own gender, given appropriate circumstances. Hence, being bi-sexual was the norm not the exception, in her view.
She also held many of the opinions that were in vogue in the sixties; she often felt that the hippy movement of the period was a strong influence on her, even though she never witnessed it of course, maybe she was born too late!
It would be going too far to say she believed in the hippy mantra of free love. That, she believed, was largely promoted by horny blokes trying to get into girl's knickers. But she did feel that the attitudes and approach of the Scandinavians was far more relevant than the strictures of English and American societies. Sex should be enjoyed, it was a pleasure, it need not be restricted, monogamy was a convention not a need. Again, society and religion had a lot to answer for.
The other area of controversy and 'non normal' thinking was in her approach to her partners. Firstly, she rarely, if ever went with guys of her own age or younger. With loads of younger, virile coaches working for her, it was not as if she lacked the opportunities, but she resisted; 'never dip your pen in company ink' was a motto she fiercely adhered to.
She much preferred older guys, some even in their late fifties, she wasn't picky on age or looks come to that. It was a combination of force of personality and, even more importantly, brainpower that Sammi found most attractive in men. A vibrant mind, a quick brain, an intellectual approach and a deeply analytical manner really could let a man quite easily 'think' his way into her knickers.
It was the relationship status of the men she chose, though, that was probably the most unusual line of Sammi's thinking. Nearly always, she went with married men. Her rational being that, generally, they were safer and wouldn't demand more from her than she wished to give, sex. Of course, it went wrong now and then and she would have to deal with a guy who said he would leave his wife and they could live together. It was easy to deal with, byeeeeeeeeeeee! She could be a real hard bitch when necessary, but then career girls like her had to be.
Finally, it was where and how Sammi met most of her partners that set her aside from other women.
Her job meant that she was away nearly half of most weeks staying in hotels all over Eastern England. On top of that she had to attend training courses and management meetings, which could be anywhere in the UK and Europe. In most of those hotels, there were usually men away from home on business who yearned for the company of a young, sexually enthusiastic woman. Now and then, when the mood took her, Sammi provided just that.
She saw absolutely nothing wrong or immoral with this although her thinking was more in tune with that of men than most women. To Sammi if she fancied sex then she felt she should do something about getting it, just like being hungry. So letting herself be picked up and seduced or even initiating something herself was not unusual or abhorrent to her. Her thinking was that the pleasure she would get from a few hours with a guy who she would never need see or hear from again certainly outweighed the minor feelings of self-distaste she might experience.
Chapter 3
Going up to the reception desk and asking for the key gave Sammi a particular buzz. Sex in the afternoons, particularly in a hotel, was always a buzz. Usually, of course she went to the hotel with her lover. Tom, though, had to go to a meeting after checking in and phoned her with the room number and said they were registered as Mr and Mrs Miles.
She checked into hotels all the time and knew full well the staff didn't give a sod what went on, as long as the bill was paid. Probably a hang up from when she was young, Sammi though, when checking in with a guy or even more so when he wasn't there as Tom wasn't, had this illogical fear the receptionist would stop her. So, taking the plastic card from the pretty, blonde, probably Polish, girl who smiled at her in what Sammi ridiculously thought was a 'knowing' way, gave her a little charge of fear, but that was accompanied by a surge of sexual excitement as she walked across the lobby to the lifts.
This was only their fourth liaison. The first had been when they met in a hotel in Norwich and she had invited him to her room the second night they were there. Second, had been a couple of weeks later when they were both in Birmingham and they ended up in his room, she stayed the night and the third had been some heavy petting in his car in a service station on the M40 near Oxford.
She was never quite sure on the hotel room etiquette when the girl was there first. Stay fully dressed? Get naked, get in bed, undress down to underwear, she pondered, wishing she had brought a dressing gown with her, but considered that to be rather forward. She had showered just before leaving home an hour or so ago, so that wasn't necessary and she didn't need to change her panties, so she stayed fully dressed.
After arriving, Tom had quickly undressed her and as equally quickly had got her onto the bed. They caressed and stroked, sucked and licked each other until he pushed her onto her back. As he slithered down her body so Sammi held his head, ran her fingers though his hair and opened her legs. He made her cum very quickly. He did that again shortly after with his fingers as she sucked his cock and then he fucked her with them lying on their sides facing each other her left leg lifted up and draped over his right hip.
Sammi had thought their afternoon sex was over until she heard those words.
"I have a present for you."
After dressing her in the basque and stockings, Tom quickly dispelled that thought. He persuaded Sammi onto all fours on the carpet, still in the stockings and basque, and they fucked wonderfully.
"You can't believe," he grunted as he surged in and out of her. "Just what that basque and stockings do to me."
Sammi didn't reply, but smiled to herself as yet another orgasm built up inside her. 'Oh yes I can,' she thought to herself as she said.
"More effective than Viagra isn't it?"
Chapter 4
Tom didn't last that much longer, but then Sammi's lovers rarely did; it wasn't long-term that she was after.
Over the next year or so, she had two more 'Tomlike' flings and the occasional shag with her long-term 'fuckbuddy' Bill, a friend of her father's.
Her promotion had come through, so now she was more office based at the company's headquarters in central London, although she travelled around the UK clubs and visited Europe. The reduced travel and the horrendous demands of the new job limited her opportunities to find new lovers; they also reduced her energy levels at finding them. Work, became even more demanding than it had been previously.
The fling with Tom had triggered something in Sammi. That time he had dressed her in the basque had given her sensations she had never before experienced. Wonderful, exciting sensations; sensations she wanted to repeat.
"Would you like to tie me up?" She had asked Gary, a lover who had lasted almost six weeks.
Spread-eagled on the bed, her ankles and wrists tied to the bedposts had given her some of the sensations she was seeking; it had certainly made for some great sex. It wasn't quite the same though. It was different, quite nice, something new, but not what she was seeking.
She persuaded Bill to accompany her to a BDSM club. She thought that maybe she might have the guts to join in and perhaps be restrained in some way. That was hopeless. On one level, she just found the whole mess quite sad and on another level, laughable; men in latex posing pouches and masks were such a turn off.
Although hellishly busy getting on top of the new job and making a mark with the new MD, her boss, she still had time to think and wonder just what it was that so intrigued and excited her that afternoon with Tom.
Sammi's life was now consumed with the job and she only had room in it for one other thing, sex, and not too much of that either.
She hardly had time for one of her, very necessary, passions, clothes shopping. Appearance was important to her, but more and more she was using the Internet to buy her clothing for that saved time that she could use for work or, of course, sex!
She was in a hotel in Sheffield one evening looking for clothes on her laptop. She found a couple of suits, some blouses and shirts and then logged on to an underwear site. It was then that it her, hard. Staring at her from the screen was a basque similar to the one Tom had squeezed her into.
She enlarged the photo and then looked at some more basques. Her heart was pounding at both the visions she was seeing and the memories of what she felt with Tom. Of course, that was it, she thought, her hands being drawn as if like magnets to her breasts. As she visited other sites, including some that were pure fetishist showing crotch less panties and bras with holes where nipples poked through as well as straight, but erotic stuff, so Sammi became more and more aroused.
As she slipped her hands up the long tee shirt she usually wore as a dressing gown when working in a hotel room, she realised that she hadn't had sex for over a month, and that included with herself. Smiling as she ordered three different basques, paying for them with her Amex card, her hands found her small breasts. They felt alive. Her mind was replaying those sensations Tom had given her when she was blindfolded and he put the basque on her. She could almost feel the tightness round her chest and waist and she realised that was what she wanted to replicate. She knew she couldn't do that now, so she did the next best thing.
The tee shirt was lying on the floor beside where Sammi stood looking in the full-length mirror. She was naked. Her hands roamed her body, cupping her breasts, pinching her nipples and stroking her thighs and tummy as they moved nearer and nearer to where they had to be. Her hands clamped between her thighs she sank to the floor as she pushed three straightened fingers into her soaking pussy. The memories of the sensations she had received from wearing that tight basque bursting through her mind, Sammi made herself cum lying on the floor of that hotel bedroom in Sheffield thinking about being restrained.
Chapter 5.
"Wow, you look great."
"Been dieting, have you?"
"You have a stunning figure."
"Where have those curves come from?"
These were the sort of remarks that Sammi was getting from girl-friends, work colleagues, men and potential lovers. Obviously, they made her feel good, naturally they made her feel very feminine and for sure they excited her. Little did the people who made the comments know that she was wearing a basque.
Sammi tried a variety of garments. Basques, with and without suspenders, bustiers and waspies. All gave her some lovely sensations and some wonderful moments. Even shopping for them, when she had time, was something of a turn on. She had never really been that interested in sexy underwear, preferring instead the more practical, larger panties and full, comfortable bras.
PT, as she now termed the period of her life, 'post Tom', things changed and that was not just with her hunt to find the sensation she had so enjoyed by being restricted in that basque. The change was more than just that.
It started one evening a month or so after she ended her affair with him. She was in, yet another hotel room, this time in Edinburgh when she was attending a senior management-training course. She was looking for basques and bustiers to add to the two she had originally purchased. She was looking at 'ladies underwear' sites and came across such sites as Lejaby, Agent Provocateur and Janet Regar. At first, she looked on with amazement at the ridiculously flimsy and equally ridiculously expensive panties and bras. That soon changed to interest, intrigue and excitement. When she imagined her pussy in the tiny g strings or thongs, or thought of the lustrous feel of the silk of French knickers on her tummy, bum and pubic areas, she found herself becoming aroused. Visualising her small breasts in the diaphanous bras, her sturdy nipples on show, making such evident mounds in the thin lace, turned her on a lot. The inevitable and, what was becoming, her typical end to a day in a hotel happened, she masturbated.
She ordered a ton of stuff so her lingerie drawers were never the same again.
Her sex life had been depressingly barren, although to some extent that was intentional, due to the new job. Then she accepted a date with Barry, a man she had met at a corporate golf day, making him more of a conventional date than her 'hotel pick ups.' Also, he was a widow and not single, but he was in his fifties with a daughter her age. For some reason that added am extra something to the sexual equation
They had dinner a couple of times, ending both evenings with 'pecks on the cheek.' The third 'date' was playing golf and afterwards he drove her home in his big Mercedes.
"I have a really early start tomorrow, Barry, otherwise I would ask you in," Sammi said as they pulled up near to her Docklands flat that she had bought and moved to after her promotion.
"No problem, so have I actually" he replied, turning to look at her and putting his hand out towards her. Sammi turned at the same time and his hand met her boob.
"Woops, sorry."
Smiling, she said. "That's ok."
"Is it really?" Barry replied, not moving it.
They kissed and he caressed her breasts. That seemed to create an unsaid, implicit agreement between them to fuck soon.
And they did, the following Saturday evening, when he cooked dinner for Sammi at his house in Petts Wood, just over the river Thames and down a bit from where Sammi lived.
She wasn't travelling much at the time as she very involved with architects and builders on two new clubs and the major refurbishment of another, all in London. That mean that, unusually for her, she was able to see someone fairly regularly, and over the next two weeks they had sex three more times.
"Take all your clothes off and wait right there" Sammi said, the following Thursday evening.
He was sitting on the long, six-seater, black leather sofa in Sammi's flat. She had been planning this since the first time she and Barry had shagged her just over three weeks ago.
"Oh my God Sammi," he said croakily when she opened the door of her bedroom and stood in the doorway looking at him.
Smiling, Sammi said. "Come this way big boy" as she opened her bedroom door wide. He needed no second bidding. Standing up naked, as she had saasked he walked across the lounge, his eyes not moving from her all the way. Sammi's didn't move from him either. She felt a tremendous surge of sheer lust, but also a sort of power as she watched him become fully erect on the short walk.
It wasn't just that she had turned the lights off and lit numerous aromatic candles that had caused his exclamation. It was what she was wearing. A black basque, black suspenders and black stockings.
Turning her back on the advancing man, she was delighted to hear him moan as he looked at her rear.
"Jesus Sammi, that is some sight, you have a great arse."
She particularly liked that for she knew full well that she didn't. Although a number of guys had told her it was her sexiest asset she thought that it was too big and wide, but hearing a compliment about her bum made her feel great. It was of course the outfit that did it. The back of the basque, the suspenders and the tops of her stocking formed a black frame, emphasising the womanly roundness and paleness of the two cheeks of her ass. That, and the way that the basque pinched in her waist, making her hips look so voluptuous created the vision that was playing to Barry's fantasy. He was a total 'tits and ass man.'
He came up behind her and stroked her bum. He put his arms round her and cupped her boobs as he pressed his erection against her cheeks. It felt good for both of them.
Barry edged Sammi forward towards her bed. As he did that, he kept his erection pressed against her bum and his hands on her breasts, pinching, rubbing and squeezing. The mood and atmosphere for sex was building up nicely. They reached the bed; her shins were pressed against the fashionably low wooded frame. She went to turn round, but he stopped her, instead pushing her forward.
"Lay on the bed Sammi on your front" he whispered by way of explanation. That excited her.
She did. He lay beside her. He stroked her bum. Each cheek, the tops of her thighs the swell up from her waist and just inside the crease. He kissed and licked each cheek staring intensely at the twin globes of female flesh framed by the black silk, satin, elastic and nylon. His erection was throbbing, he couldn't remember being harder. Her hand found it.
"Mmmmm," he heard Sammi whisper "That feels nice."
He gently pulled her cheeks apart. He ran his fingertips along it running them right across the puckered skin surrounding her 'forbidden' hole. The sensation was intense. Sammi's body jerked and she let out a low moan. Barry slid his fingers between her legs and found her wetness. He rubbed her juices all over the skin outside her anus.
Barry was dominating her. That was unusual for Sammi. Normally she was in control, but somehow this seemed right, she was enjoying him directing events, doing as he directed and being the submissive one. What was causing it, she wondered? Suddenly she realised that her outfit may have had something to do with it.
"Open your legs a little," he said, quite firmly. She did. He kissed each cheek then, holding them well apart, he got his mouth between them. He licked the sides of the crease; he licked the top of it up towards her waist and the lower end between that and her vagina. He licked her everywhere making her shudder and moan as the gorgeous sensations permeated her entire body. And then he got the tip of his tongue right on it.
"Oh yes" Sammi groaned as he pressed.
His tongue slipped in, just a little way. Her body jerked and she moaned again. He took that as her agreement. He replaced his tongue with his finger whilst he reached up her body with his other arm to find her little tits.
Although she was not very experienced with anal sex, Sammi had a very sensitive bum. Usually, though, she would stop a man now and would be cajoling him to attend to her even more sensitive place. Today though, due to the way things had developed it seemed appropriate for her to remain as she was and to let him continue; his earlier words "You have a great arse Sammi" were ringing in her mind as she felt his finger opening her sphincter muscle.
"Oh my God," she groaned as he slid it up her. At the same time he was pumping his cock in the surrogate cunt provided by her hand and was squeezing and pinching her breasts. Sammi was gaining sensations from everywhere, or so it seemed.
He was now so aroused that he feared he would cum in her hand.
"You have to stop for a moment Sammi, you'll make me cum" Barry explained moving his cock away from her hand.
He couldn't remember being quite as aroused as he was right now. Barry adored women's' arses, but found few women, not that he went with that many, who would let him indulge himself with that part of their body. Sammi seemed to be the exception.
And she was, well today she was that is and again she wondered why?
He now had his finger past his first knuckle into Sammi's arse. The pain as her sphincter expanded the wrong way had gone and given way to a dull ache and warm tingling sensation. She'd had a finger there before, but then she had been drunk, it was different, both emotionally and physically, being finger fucked up your arse when you was sober, she thought as Barry slid his finger further up her.
Her body, as if with a mind of its own, rose slightly from the bed, her legs opened a little more, she gripped the bed clothes, her eyes were tightly closed and her mouth was wide open as if she was fighting for air. It felt so different, so wild, dangerous and decadent; it went perfectly with the clothes she was wearing.
But then she felt empty. 'Fuck he's stopped,' she realised as his finger slid out giving her a sensation that she didn't wish to think about at a time such as this. Sammi did, though, feel mildly disappointed. That however lasted for only a moment or two.
She felt him moving, he was kneeling between her legs, his hands were on the front of upper legs, they were pulling, trying to lift her up. She went with the movement imagining the view she was presenting to Barry. Head on the bed, back straight, legs spread legs, wide-open pussy lips, her anus, which was still wet from her own juices and tingling from his finger, the stockings, suspenders and her basque: it was sordid, rude and so wonderful.
"No" was her involuntary whisper as she felt the tip of his cock nuzzling against her anus.
"Do you want me to stop?" He asked, considerately, she thought.
"Yes, no, I don't know," Sammi moaned.
He pressed a little.
"Yes, no?"
"In the drawer to the right," Sammi groaned.
"Baby oil, put some on."
Barry's heart leaped when he realised she was going to let him, that Sammi was up for it, that she was going to let him fuck her arse.
Sammi had only been anally fucked once before and that hadn't been wonderful, 'So why the hell am I letting him fuck me there now?' She was asking herself, as Barry so easily, it seemed, slid the bulbous head of his cock inside her, there was some pain, but in the main, it was fine.
"Fuck me Barr," she moaned as she felt him edging further and further inside her.
It was so marvellously tight, he loved it. Slowly, desperately taking care not to hurt her, Barry slid his cock deeply into Sammi's open, raised arse. He was nearly all the way in. She was moaning and writhing. He stopped for a moment then heard those wonderful words.
"Where Sammi?" He asked "Where do you want me to fuck you?"
"In my arse, fuck me up my arse."
His legs rubbing against the smoothness of her stockings, his hands squeezing her breasts and running over the satin of her basque and his fingers occasionally pinging the elastic of her suspenders, Barry did just that. As he slowly, but deeply fucked Sammi in the arse, he gave his wordless thanks to the sexy garment she was wearing. He was sure that had something to do with the marvellous present he was receiving.

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